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Self Introduction

OGATA Tetsuji a.k.a. xtetsuji, male, between 30 and 40 years old.

My hometown is Otofuke Town (Neiborhood of Obihiro City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan). Now I live in Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan from 18 years old.

I leaned mathematics (science master). And I go into web programmer. In my work, I write Perl mainly. My Perl experience is about 10 years old.

My handle name "xtetsuji" origin is part-time job at University. This work office is computer center in University. It gives account to workers which has x-prefix. I choice "xtetsuji" because my first name is "Tetsuji".

Attention: My English skill is poor :-/. Probably, English grammer mistake is exist in document.

My Outputs

My output is from 2011 year. You can see my Slideshare page.

OSS and My Activity

Lifelog, Social Stream

Others: Facebook, mixi, LinkedIn, ...

My SNS and locationbase connection is restricted my known person only.

How to contact to me

If you connect to me on Facebook, see my Facebook basic information page. Or you can send my gmail address.

Do you use Dropbox?

If you do not have Dropbox account, then you join it from following link with plus 500MB storage. And I also get it :).

Join Projects

My Major Talks


Others, in small and middle size study meeting, I talks many things.

My Joining Study Meetings

Following study meetings, I join almost everytime. I am looking forward to meet you. Almost meetings is held in Japan.

You can see my almost every slides in Slideshare: xtetsuji.


How to request a work.

If you interested above things, you can contact to me by following methods.

I judge whether do or not each things.

My Personal History


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Work History

Part-time jobs:



My Speciality

I think ...

Game List

Please mention Twitter @xtetsuji for notice to me.

My Favorite Things

My Schedule


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Main account.

Twitter @xtetsuji_

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My book reading list


My listening musics.

The interviews

Anonymous interview site.

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